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Mission Statement

The National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs are women of color dedicated to uplifting women, children, families, the home and the community through service, community education, scholarship assistance and the promotion of racial harmony among all people, so that those we serve are better able to take their proper and rightful place in society as citizens, community leaders, parents and family members.

Our Objectives are to:

  • To work for the economic, moral, religious and social welfare of women and youth

  • To protect the rights of women and youth

  • To raise the standard and quality of life in home and family

  • To secure and use our influence for the enforcement of civil and political rights for African Americans and all citizens

  • To promote the education of women and youth through the work of the departments.

  • To obtain for African American women the opportunity of reaching the highest levels in all fields of human endeavor.

  • To promote effective interaction with the male auxiliary.

  • To promote inter-racial understanding so that justice and good will may prevail among all people.

Our History

We are women of color, African American women, black women.

Long before the founding of the of the organization, our forbearers, had organized ourselves into self-improvement and charitable organizations. ...READ MORE...


Milestones of Progress
IMG_5653 (2).PNG
  • Incorporated July 26, 1904 in St. Louis, Missouri

  • Paid Mortgage on Douglas Home - 1916

  • Established Hallie Quinn Brown Scholarship Loan Fund - 1922

  • Built Douglass Home Caretaker Cottage - 1924 ...

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